Hello from this part of the globe. Undermining the champs, which was supposed to be a single episode, turned out to unveil a lot of mysteries in diverse parts. So many things have been disregarded and disparaged, which of course bringing to light will take forever and I will use my forever to bring them to light and of course to change how it’s been viewed.

This happens to be the final epistle from the envelope “Undermining the champs” and this will unveil some interesting facts. Well, actually this time around, a place is our emphasis. It’s not the woman this time, neither is it our self but it is something that has us in it. Many refer to it as a place, or an environment, or domicile, but I refer to it as ME.

I want to keep it short this time around, so I will just hit the nail on the head. This place some call home, others call an environment, others call it great, others blessed, while others call it accursed, is none other than our great, blessed, mighty, yet undermined country NIGERIA. Yes! Nigeria. Were you surprised that others call it great and blessed? It’s sad that you refer to it as an accursed.

Well, here is the truth, you are not a Nigerian alone, YOU ARE NIGERIA. Yes! You are Nigeria. LOL, can you chill and loosen that weird facade, please. Just like your gender, your country is your identity and thereby, IT IS YOU. Being certified as a citizen of another country won’t change the fact you’re a Nigerian. So, rather than running away from our identity, it will be a nice decision to ACCEPT IT, THINK OF IT FLAWS, and then, REFURBISH IT. Wait! I didn’t say accept it’s flaws, neither did I say vilify it.

Nigeria is a great land with great potentials( you and me). It’s disheartening to watch our beautiful country lose it’s glory, to the insanity of it’s people. When will things change? When will our opinion of our great home change? Sometimes, I sit and wonder if a day will come when no one will smash the title ‘corrupt’ on our country. We call it bad and corrupt and thereby work towards it being bad. How sad! Everyone wants to make the money and leave Nigeria. Just so you know, that country you’re fleeing to, had it’s citizens worked towards making it the country you love and admire and want to live in. So why not make yours the same?

How about we change things? How about we create a domicile for our generations to call a comfort zone? How about we start believing in Nigeria? Here’s a tip: Observe it’s flaws. Pin them down. Select a flaw, and then erect it. It takes a gradual process though, but that’s how to rewrite history.

Can’t wait to see you rule a better Nigeria. Remember, YOU ARE NIGERIA and NIGERIA IS YOU.



So, I went through this amazing work of the mind that gave me a reason to parade my thoughts. It was fascinating and it actually abandoned a heavy question with me: WHO AM I? It will be spectacular and revealing, if we all go through it and ponder on it. Here’s the link to this amazing piece: https://joeabahscolumna.wordpress.com/2020/08/28/who-am-i/

Who am I? Actually questions a lot. Our hobby, personality, likes, dislikes, associations and even our blood tied relationship (family). And this question has actually revealed another champion whose victory is being derailed. Our minds has accepted falsehood to be the perfect picture, and it’s unfortunate that we call it the truth.

Well, this champion is someone great, someone whose creation has a reason, someone whose mind has the best imagination and thoughts ever, and amazingly that person has the ability to birth those dreams by letting them go through the best transformation process and making them become a reality.

I’ve actually discovered something really spectacular about this person. Something that doesn’t live in the inside, but is plain on the outside. I’ve come to realize that this beautiful person has the greatest physique ever. This being has the most beautiful eyes, great looking nose, perfectly-shaped body, a primo leg and he is the most spectacular masterpiece ever.

Alright! I’m always like this right? Beating around the bush, and using the suspense and all that right? Well, I can’t help it, I learnt that from my literature novels. Okay! Fine, let me reveal who this person is. This person who has forgotten his originality and has become a copycat, not just that but a pirate too. This person who signed a contract, of letting the people around him, wear the crown meant for his creator. Wait! Does this sounds familiar? It does. You know why? It’s because this person is YOU!

It’s sad to see you forget who you really are, just to fit in, just to please a friend, just to wear the cape with the inscription ‘perfect’. It’s disheartening to see that, you don’t know who you can be and who you are created to be. Why let their opinions break you, and then later remold you to a piece of plagiarized being. Just so you know, YOU are not you, but THEM. Yes! You are just someone else’s replica.

So, how about we start being ORIGINAL? Here is a tip: Stand before the mirror today, ask yourself this; WHO AM I? Get the answers, pin them down, and then start working towards being YOU.



Hello, from this part of the globe. I wrote something quite interesting on my last post, and more than anyone else, I was anticipating this week’s post. I intended making it a two part series, but I later on realized that a lot of champions have been undermined and of course scribbling everything in just two series wouldn’t be appealing.

So…. A lot has happened to this set of people, that has made the world super unpleasant for them. Starting from their homes, out to the world which is full of aliens. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how strong these species are, to have the perfect absorber for such miseries. Their pains are too numerous to mention, and can’t be overemphasized. But amidst the plenteous, are few we should reason. But before then, who are these people right? Chill! We’re getting there.

They are none, other than the ones whose dreams have been shattered, not just shattered but the right to it has been deprived from them. The ones whose countenances displays sorrow and anguish because their mouth has no say in the matters of their own life and now their mind and heart has been placed on a lock mood. Alright fine! Let me not burst your brain with the circle game. They are… the WOMEN.

Have you ever observed and realize that, they move around with an effulging smile on? But do you know that they exit from an abode of torment? Where they are made punching bags by the one who is to shower them with so much love. Where the title of an elegant and virtues woman has been exchanged for a HOUSE WIFE. Let me bring this to light; their pillows are covered with tears, and beneath it, is a journal full of their never-gonna-achieve dreams. Just so you know, this matrimony was first of all against their wish and an EARLY MARRIAGE to begin with.

That’s just a tip of the iceberg by the way. Of course, comfort has left their homes, and I know probably, while moving out, they hope to get a refreshing mind and moment out there, but boom! This particular group of guys who are tipsy and drowsy in their libido, grabs them by the hand and the next headline on the news is this; Justice for Uwa, who was SEXUALLY HARRASSED, RAPED and MURDERED. And now their exteem is down and they are still searching for a safe abode.

How about we help them? How about we keep the GENDER INEQUALITY aside and let them have the position they deserve. How about we make them know there’s a prime in being who they are? Remember, in them consists a nation and by them we were birth.



I can’t help but think of how much alterations the world has encountered. We wake up each day as energetic and happy people yet thinking of what the latter hours has in store for us or maybe, what the former offered to us. The world keeps getting a new tittle each second and of course new affiliation in respect of its present predicaments or luck. The world has gradually become fiery brimstones making the skies of our future all darken.

It’s spectacular how few among the many still standing try all in their power to make the world a better place, and yet the other half of the many, derives joy from ruining this efforts and making the world rather a nightmare for each person. But wait! Would the world be better if these group of black sheep concur with the few white sheep? Absolutely! Mindsets would have been transformed, hearts would have been mended and of course homes will be healed, but rather a vow has been made by them to vouch evil and destroy our humble abode.

Various challenges such as racism, trafficking, gender inequalities, slavery, sexism, corruption, poverty, and so many other issues has made the world derailed. I can’t help but get attracted to some certain issues affecting some certain species which I know an extreme reflection of, will help meliorate the world.

Amidst the few good people still existing, are certain species whose pains are unbearable, whose cries are louder than all, they live their whole life in fear, turbulence, silence and pretense. They are compelled to put a mask on, a mask of effulgence, ecstasy and of course confidence. Their world has been shattered and in curiosity they hope for a better tomorrow. Chaos has become a friend of theirs or rather the breeding ground of order in their world. They wake up each day to the sighs of their miseries. In agony they all hope their world will someday become rosy.

But wait! Who are they? Who are these world’s best pain accumulators? How much pain were they able to withstand? Curious huh? So am I. Well join me in my next epistle as we unravel the mystery together.



Hello from this part of the globe. It’s been a long while. I’ve received questions like; what’s wrong? You’ve not posted on your blog for awhile, is everything okay? Do you feel lazy to write? Or maybe discouraged? And so on. But amidst that, I threw the same questions to myself. Dorcas what’s wrong? At some point those questions were rhetorical but later on, I got answers to them and I realize most people around me need such questions and of course, answers to them.

Well, let me be transparent, and of course, I know it will help someone out there. I learnt certain relevant things during my long unnecessary blogging break, and here are those things I got to understand.

The little things you do, matters a lot. The people around me told me that. I thought otherwise but so many told me how the few articles on my blog affected them positively. So sweetheart, don’t stop there, keep going, cause many are watching.

The second thing is this; self discipline is key. I thought blogging was easy, but I realized it needed a certain level of self discipline. That’s the one important key to being consistent. And this goes with everything in life.

The third is this; Vision is keyest LOL. In everything you do, set a goal and vision for it. I always read my blog’s vision and that rang a bell, reminding me that, it’s time I get my butt up and swing into action, otherwise, that won’t be accomplished.

And finally, surround yourself with associations who wants nothing but your growth and progress. My friends were always there to encourage me to get things serious and keep blogging. From been sweet, sour and then harsh just to get me in order. Well, that’s what friendship means.

Dropping the cursor here, all I will say next is, it’s nice to be back.


It’s a bit strange for me to start any of my piece with a question but I feel it’s better off this way. Have you ever gotten attached to a particular thing and it later on gets hard to let go despite having all the urge to get over it? Long question right? Well Here is another. Have you ever gotten up with all the energy required to achieve a particular goal and then you realize something creepy in you stops you from achieving it? Well I have, don’t know about you but I have. And I’m sure most of us have too.

So, there’s this thing that has been more of a burden, this thing that keeps  me wonder how it gets to us, finds an abode inside of us and then gradually becomes the boss. Well of course I know your minds are hyperactive  now, everyone is trying to figure out what that is, well chill we’re just some seconds away to our paragraph of discovery.

This thing has taken over so many minds not just minds but super amazing minds. It has his way of making us feel bad, doomed and all worthless and it actually deserves an award for that. Well I call it a thing because believe me it is irrelevant and it’s something we can do without, so it’s time we kick it off our lives. 

Alright, it’s time I stop the hide and seek and unravel the whole mystery to us. This ugly and irrelevant thing is no other than this thing called WEAKNESS. Yes! Weakness. It’s quite devastating to watch so many people let the weaknesses in them take over their whole actions, thoughts and even their dreams. So many tags it with the tittle MY weakness or rather MY weaknesses, which is not supposed of us. We try to be like those we admire. In doing so, we often copy the sides effects of success, not their cause. Pretending to be powerful, we ignore the strengths of being weak.

Sweethearts, everyone has or had a weakness but the beautiful thing is that they made it their strength. We are in a world of imperfections but hope you’re aware that there is a perfection in the imperfections? Remember, everyone has a flaw, the celebrated ones are those who overcame it and believe me you too can. Well, there is a way out of that anger, envy, drug addiction, womanizing and so many other weaknesses.

All you have to do is to recognize the weakness in you, talk to God about it, get someone you trust with whom you can confide in, surround yourself with people who will help you fight it and not ridicule it, be willing to take the risk in order to get over it and remember, all that, must be done with a resilient spirit cause no fight is easy at all.

So don’t let that warrior in you be concealed “fight it hard and never give up until you succeed in making it your strength”. Can’t wait to see you at the peak of success.



     Starting your day with the excitement of achieving your set goals, letting some thoughts down, being real, letting go of distractions, setting the right paths to follow and of course the intuitions of being better each day has been our daily vision. Our individual views of how the world moves and how life ought to be perceived affects our progress in life. Just like many will say; be you and let others love it, create your world and let others fit in, instead we rather tend to live our individual life based on others assumptions, views and pronouncement.
     How about we take a little stroll back in time to when we were all an innocent blaring microphone in a cradle, when our first cry was decided by us, our first sound by us, our first step also by us, how about our diet? We choose our puddings based on our appetite, we decide who we call a friend and a foe. Silence wasn’t a part of us, hypocrisy wasn’t either, and we showed the world the best versions of ourselves. Our shine wasn’t darkened because everyone could tell from miles away who we really are. We dictated our paths based on what we love and desire, what the world thinks had no place in our documentary, we were indeed we.
    Years passed by and we had to go through various stages, physical, psychological and of course emotional stages that swept us off our feet. We had encounters with various beings, those who made us better, those who made us regretted ever living, those who made us stronger and those who made us weaker but never the less they all gave us an experience to remember. We get entangled in situations that drives away our sanity but not just the situations the people as well.
    Our biggest and most crucial decisions are made during this stages, decisions that reflects on our future, decisions that determines our shine, these are decisions that when made affects our whole life and associations and they are decisions we make regardless of what the world thinks. The world or rather the people in it will always have their views on every single step we take in life, did I say view? Nah critique. That stamp with the inscription bad will always be given by the world.
    It saddens me to see how so many get to drop the amazing being they are meant to be only to pick up a mediocre whose whole life is being dictated by others. Do you know how beautiful you were meant to be and how amazing you can be? Have you ever thought of it? Try and do please.
   The world has been designed by people living in it, in such a way that not everyone will give to you the encouragement and support you desire. The little hope you get to build will always be trampled upon either by family, friends or foes. And this will keep going no matter what. But amidst this, I realized that the problem here is not them, that’s their view about life, that’s their perspective of who you are, that’s what they think and that’s their little picture of who you are, and that will always be their thoughts not only if you change things around. HOW right?
    By believing in yourself, by creating a better picture of who you are, by working towards being that beautiful image and finally by displaying the amazing picture before them.
   Now sweethearts, just some questions.
  Where is she? Where is that lady who believed she can pull it all?
   Where is he? Where is that guy who can stand before a whole bunch of criticizing crowd to express how he feels?
  Where is it? Where is that self-esteem that gets people amaze?
  GO FIND IT and remember, “no one can radiate your personality better than you do”
                                   THANK YOU.


  Have you ever imagined the world to be a TV show, and you a spectator holding the power item and having all rights needed to change things; slow it down, pause it or fast forward it to the day you walk down the aisle? LOL don’t mind me. Maybe that’s not good enough because you are not the producer or scriptwriter and of course everything has been programmed.
     Then how about this, the world as a blank canvas and you are the artist who gets to paint it the way you desire. Sounds good huh? Well chill and keep scrolling cause that’s possible.
     I am Dorcas Gaius, a young lady who once upon a time, believed her works are best suited in that dusty rugged notepad of hers or rather the private folder in her system titled Dorcas documentaries, which only gets her attention or someone who peradventure comes across it. Sooner did she realize it’s not meant to be that way and it was time she gets to impact lives with her scribing and it was also time to let others visit her world too and maybe get lost in it, but please don’t.
      Do you know that the world has been offered to us as a blank canvas and we have all it takes to get it all beautiful? Well, we also have what it takes to make it ugly, despicable, and unbearable; it’s just a matter of choice. Of course nobody would want the ugly side, though some out there do but I’m here to change that decision.
     To set things right, to make the world better, to convey an intuition of you as the best, to hand to you the better equipment needed in making a beautiful painting out of that canvas is what I’m determined to achieve, and that can be possible only if you believe the odds, trust me and get on the train with me. Remember to always dispense your opinions on the comment box.
    Here’s something to deliberate on before my next post.
 Only two beings have the right to define you. YOU and your CREATOR.
 You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
 You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
                            THANK YOU and WELCOME.